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Our Children

Every child is unique and an individual. Their individualized experience at Steeple School sets the foundation to life-long learning. We are proud to be included in their journey.

Our Classes

Classes at Steeple School are divided by age groups and include weekly enrichment classes to explore imagination, creativity, practical skills, and more.


For those that are 2.9 years old by September 1. Our Nursery program helps children develop language skills and coordination, with a focus on independence. Nursery offers the opportunity to form friendships with peers, while exploring the love of learning.


For children age 4 years old by September 1. Our Pre-K program helps children develop the knowledge and skill involved with all concept areas of learning: language, pre-reading, math, science, creative arts, along with social and emotional development. Our Pre-K students are well prepared for the transition to kindergarten.

Early Morning and Extended Care Programs:

Steeple School offers extended day options for children ages 2.9-5 before and after the regular classroom hours. A focus is placed on language and literacy during Early Morning and Extended Care with stories and related activities. Early Morning care is available beginning at 7:45am. Children participating in Early Morning care are brought to their regular classroom at 8:45am. Our Extended Care Program is available from 11:45am until 4:00pm Mondays-Thursdays, and 11:45am until 3:00pm Fridays.

Summer Enrichment Program:

Held during the month of July, parents can register their child(ren) in our Summer program.

Our Curriculum

At Steeple School, learning is an active experience involving the whole child. Curriculum emerges through observation and children’s play.

Our programs are designed to stimulate excitement for learning through creative play choices, daily exploration, and interactions with each other in a natural environment, and with open-ended materials. The children are encouraged to explore their range of emotions, ask questions, investigate, discover and celebrate.

Our nature-based program uses the natural world to support goals that address both developmentally appropriate practices and an environmental education.

The majority of the children’s learning experiences take place in the outdoor classroom and on our nature trails. The children also participate with tending the various gardens. Preparing, harvesting, and tasting provide an opportunity to learn about the farm-to-table concept.

What Makes Steeple School Unique?

Free play:

Open-ended time is included in each day and is a time for children to help themselves, take initiative, and become independent while pursuing their interests at their individual developmental level. The result is an increase in social competence and self-esteem.

Outdoor Classroom:

An extension of our classroom space, nature plays a critical role in our curriculum. To breathe the air, see a butterfly, hear a bird, or even climb a tree – exploration of the natural world is valued at Steeple School. Outdoor learning centers invite the child to investigate while exploring their minds and bodies.

Classroom Atmosphere:

Each learning space offers dramatic play, building blocks, cozy reading spaces, sensory tables, manipulatives, and spaces for art and science discovery. Our classrooms encourage exploration, collaboration, reflection, and communication.

Creative Arts:

Exploration of art, music, and language are enjoyed without imposing expectations on results. Instead, a focus is placed on the beauty of the creative process.


A highly-educated and passionate staff create an environment of mutual respect and appreciation. Our teaching strategies have been developed over years of experience and with guidance from the Mass. Department of Education’s Guidelines for Toddler and Preschool Experiences and Teaching Strategies’ Creative Curriculum, and the Reggio philosophy.


Important growth in each child is captured throughout the school year by taking photos, recording communication, and collecting art. Each family is presented with an invaluable “End of the School Year” portfolio capturing the child’s journey throughout the year.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss